Welcome to the Check-List of Latvian Coleoptera!

 The first edition of the Check-List was published in 1997 (Telnov D., A. Barsevskis, F. Savich, F. Kovalevsky, S. Berdnikov, M. Doronin, R. Cibulskis, D. Ratniece, 1997. Check - List of Latvian Beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera). - Mitteilungen des Internationalen entomologischen Verein e.V., Supplementum 5: 1-141).

The second edition has been published in 2004. The correct citation of this spurce is: Telnov D., 2004. Check-List of Latvian Beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera): 1-140. In: Telnov D. (ed.) Compendium of Latvian Coleoptera. vol. 1. Riga.

Addenda (species discovered for Latvian fauna after the date of publication of the recent Check-List) are listed separately (last updated: 2008.08).


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