Biodiversity, Biogeography and Nature Conservation

in Wallacea and New Guinea

The "Biodiversity, biogeography and nature conservation in Wallacea and New Guinea" series is published by the Entomological Society of Latvia.


Call for papers for the volume 3 of the series was announced December, 2015.
New volume is scheduled for 2017. We  kindly ask our authors and followers to share this information with another colleagues.
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Volume 2 of the series published in 2014, in time to commemorate 100+1 anniversary of Alfred Russel Wallace's death.

31 authors from 16 countries present 24 original papers on biogeography, diversity, history or biological exploration and faunistics of the Indo-Australian transition zone. Among them publications on amphibians, bryophyttes, beetles, butterflies etc. The first chapter is devoted to Alfred R. Wallace, the legendary person and the first even true zoologist visited the nowaday's eastern Indonesia. 

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The new book series "Biodiversity, Biogeography and Nature Conservation in Wallacea and New Guinea" is an attempt for starting new era in research and nature conservation in the region of Indo-Australian transition. The book will run to several volumes published on a regular basis every 2-3 years.

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Please support our project and invest into the volume 3 by ordering the first and / or second volume of the series. The only you can leave are your experience and knowledge, the only you can do is to help preserve planet's natural heritage!

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Wallacea in a broad sense, including New Guinea, is one of the 34 "Global Biodiversity Hotspots" listed by Conservation International. This area holds enormous biodiversity, and has recently been classified as having the highest in the World (Reichholf J.H. 2003. Malesian Island Biogeography. from Alfred R. Wallace to Robert H. MacArthur and beyond: What Makes "Wallacea" so unique? - J. Zool. Soc. Wallacea 1: 4-11). This region has long been the last blank spot on the map and in a biological sense remains a real treasure for all biological disciplines. The unique situation of this region being relatively intact for so long, with critically increasing pressure on environment and natural resources during last decades.

Collaboration between different biological disciplines and specialists from over the World is a possibility for summarizing known information of this region and providing better basement for conservation of its biodiversity in the future.

Professionals and amateurs both pleased to contribute the first and forthcoming volumes of the book. Potential sponsors or financial contributors are welcomed.

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2015.12.01: Call for papers for the volume 3  announced!

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