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The scientific investigations carried out by members of the Entomological Society of Latvia are implemented inside scientific grants, international projects or as initiative of individual members. The some of main directions of LEB's current activities are:

Studies of the local fauna, distribution and ecology of Latvian arthropods. Development of Latvian Insect Data Base; Information activities are connected with preparation of regional check-lists & catalogues (currently Acari Gamasina, Insecta Blattoptera, Dermaptera, Coleoptera, Lepidoptera, Hymenoptera and Diptera); Mapping of Latvian insects; Studies of the local insect fauna & ecology of typical biotopes in Latvia.
Ecological studies and monitoring. Ecological studies and monitoring are carried out inside several special projects as monitoring of Lepidoptera or Coleoptera, or as a part of complex research/monitoring projects of following Integrated Monitoring scheme, of insect communities in Nature Conservation areas or insect communities in agricultural or urbanized landscapes.
Taxonomy, biogeography, phylogeny of selected arthropods groups. Taxonomical, phylogenetical, ecological and biogeographical studies on the World Cicindelidae, Carabidae, Scarabaeidae, Lucanidae, Passalidae, Staphylinidae, Elateridae, Anthicidae, Trictenotomidae, Tenebrionidae, Cerambycidae (Coleoptera), Sphingidae (Lepidoptera), Cecidomyiidae (Diptera), dragonflies (Odonata) and other groups of invertebrates; Redefinition of the structure of subfamilies, tribes and genera of Anthicidae (Coleoptera) of the World; Revisional studies on the family Trictenotomidae (Coleoptera); Systematics, fauna and ecology of Sphingidae (Lepidoptera) in South-Eastern Asia, especially of Vietnam.
Nature conservation activities. Preparing of the Red Data Book of Latvia, the List of Protected Species, red List and participation in preparation of Baltic Red Data Book; Establishing of the new Nature conservation areas (ecological expertise, consultations, studies of local faunas); Inventory of invertebrates in Nature Conservation areas in Latvia (currently Gauja National park, Slitere national park, Moricsala State reserve and a lot of small protected areas).
Forest entomology. Forest entomologists deal with monitoring, control and forecasting of forest pests, mainly coniferous, testing of pheromones and also microbiological methods against forest pests; Preparation of the list of indicator species and forest habitat specialists of typical forest biotopes in Latvia.
Agricultural entomology. Agricultural entomologists work under integrated method of pest control in orchards, microbiological methods for pest control in greenhouses, forecasting and warning of outbreak of pests by aerobiological investigations, transmission of viral diseases;
Monitoring of epigeous insects in agricultural landscapes.
Entomology in Museums. Museum’s entomologists are taking care on of collections (incl. type depositories), exposition, collecting new materials; The largest insects collections are situated in the Museum of Systematic Zoology of Latvian University, Latvian Museum of Natural History, Institute of Biology and numerous private.
Education. Enlightenment in invertebrates; Preparing of popular books, booklets & brochures for Latvian inhabitants; Popularization of entomological researches by regular meetings, conferences, seminars, excursions and related actions.
Latvian Insect of a Year. 1999 - Adalia bipunctata (Linnaeus, 1758) (Coleoptera, Coccinellidae); 2000 - Oryctes nasicornis (Linnaeus, 1758) (Coleoptera, Scarabaeidae); 2001 - Psophus stridulus (Orthoptera, Acrididae); 2002 - Acheta domestica (Orthoptera, Gryllidae); 2003 - family Sphinigidae (Lepidoptera); 2004 - dragonflies of the genus Callopteryx (Odonata); 2005 - Myrmeleon (Neuroptera).


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