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An idea of establishment of the Division of Nature Research (DIS) has arisen at the end of 1999 after the election of the new administration of LEB. Latvia is too small country to establish specific societies for study of molluscs, crustaceans, leaches, earthworms and other  groups of invertebrates. There is no future for small societies, but there is future for researchers! Several researchers of these small groups of invertebrates are in Latvia, but information on them and the results of investigations were enough small. The Division of Nature Research was established in May 15 of 2000. Please, contact us in case you're interested in membership of the Division of Nature Research! DIS's membership fee is USD 5.- annually.

Studies on fauna, distribution and ecology of Latvian non-insect invertebrates.
Ecological studies and monitoring.
Nature conservation activities. Numerous species of snails, worms and other non-insect invertebrates belong to the very important indicators of natural processes and anthropogenal inluence in the ecosystems. We use selected groups of molluscs, mites and worms for bioindication.
Journal. The aim of the DIS of the Entomological Society of Latvia is to unite all Latvian invertebratists and improve an information exchange among researchers in order to provide more complex studies. Our society also have plans to establish special non-entomological issue (journal) in the future.
Malacology. This is the on-line directory of Latvian specialists work in Mollusca. There are about of 170 species of molluscs known from Latvia till this time (~86-90 land-, ~74 freshwater and 4 marine species). Unfortunately there are only a few professional malacologists in our country. But malacological researches are currently very active in Latvia. The full list of Latvian molluscan species, complete bibliography to Latvian mollusca, molluscan news, list of protected mollusca in Latvia and of coarse a lot of perfect images are to be available on the On-line Directory of Malacology in Latvia. Latvian malacology web site - click here.


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