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The Section of Coleopterology (Latvijas Koleopterologu Apvieniba, LKA) of the Entomological Society of Latvia was established in September of 1996.

- - natura maxime miranda in minimis. In a small beetle... - -

Objectives. The LKA is the largest and the most active section of the Entomological Society of Latvia with priorities in systematics, phylogeny, biogeography, ecology, evolution, biology, comparative morphology and protection of the World Coleoptera. Our faunal and ecological researches on Latvian beetles are also important. We work in co-operation with numerous international entomological organisations.
Members. Now LKA consolidate 48 members from Latvia (16), Germany (13), Sweden (4), Austria (1), Belarus (1), Italy (1), The Netherlands (4), Nicaragua (1), Poland (1), Russia (2), Sweden (1) and the United Kingdom (4).
Publications. The Section of Coleopterology has published journal “Acta coleopterologica latvica”, the supplementum to the “Latvijas entomologs” (the official issue of the Entomological Society of Latvia). Two volumes were published since 1995. Click here to check contents.
Membership. The LKA has two categories of members: Full membership (membership due is USD 10,- yearly) gives an possibilities to publish manuscripts in our journals “Latvijas entomologs” and “Acta coleopterologica latvica”, to get journals & reprints free of charges, to receive correspondence with actual information, news, projects etc. You automatically become the membership of the Entomological Society of Latvia and the Section of Coleopterology. Please, print out the application form, complete and send it to us with your duesto become the full membership. Reduced membership is free. Such members have to pay for journals, reprints or copies, and may receive correspondence by e-mail (free-of-charges-correspondence) only. This membership is valid for the Section of Coleopterology only. If you interested in free membership, please, send e-mail with subject "add me to LKA" include data on your self to Dmitry Telnov, the Chairman of the LKA.
Meetings. The first meeting of LKA was organized by seven latvian coleopterists only and was supported by the Daugavpils Pedagogical University and DIVIC. Now the meetings of the Section of Coleopterology are regular. We organize our meetings one-two times a year - in early spring and autumn. Please, contact the chairman to obtain information on the next meeting.
Catalogue of Latvian Coleoptera. Visit the on-line Check-List of Latvian Beetles (Insecta: Coleoptera) immediately! The published version of our Check-List is available by the Internationaler entomologischen Verein e.V. Price is about EUR 10.- per copy.
Protected Latvian Coleoptera. Visit the List of Protected Latvian Coleoptera here.


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